5 Steps to Increase Sales of Your Koala Templates


Hooray! You just created your very first Koala template. Now what? Here are 5 easy steps to help share your brilliance with the world and increase those sales!

Step 1: Create a Youtube video for your template

Example of a Youtube video made by Tutor Sacha

A good Youtube video description will help more people discover your video. Make sure to include the link to your template.

Step 2: Add your YouTube channel and Koala templates to Linktree

Linktree helps content creators manage all the important links in one customizable page and share them easily with social media audience.

Example of Sacha’s Linktree:

To create your Linktree account, click here. You can add your Linktree to the profile bio of your social media accounts.

Step 3: Share your templates in relevant Facebook Groups

We are happy to see your templates in our Facebook Group as well: Koala Teachers Family

Step 4: Add a banner that redirects your website visitors to your Koala templates

We created a few free banners for you to use. Download them here.

This banner will include:

  • A picture of the template
  • A short description of the template
  • A call-to-action button that links to your Koala template page

Step 5: Follow social media best practices

  • Help template-seekers find you by using the same name for your Koala Marketplace account and your social media accounts
  • Increase qualified traffic by tagging @TeachWithKoala in your Instagram biography and posts
  • Pique more interest by creating Instagram Reels, short video of maximum length of 60 seconds
  • Grow your audience by using popular hashtags # in your posts. Check the popularity of hashtags with this website.
  • Save time by posting to both Facebook and Instagram with 1 click. Learn how.
  • Increase visitor traffic by creating a pin on Pinterest. Include a picture or a video of your template and the template link to the pin!
  • Create cool graphics with Canva for your social media posts.

Happy creating and selling!

The 🐨 Team

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