How-to videos

Learn how to use Koala Go with a few short videos

Koala Go
Koala 3D

Best Online Teaching Platform

Co-founder Xavier shares what's happening currently in Koala!

Best Online Teaching Platform

Co-founder Xavier shares what's happening currently in Koala!

Koala Go Playground ZERO PREP Teaching Ideas

Here are 6 ways to teach entirely in playground with NO PREP at all!

How to use the Koala Help Chat

The Fastest way to contact the Koala team.

How to draw a straight line

The steps to draw the perfect straight line on the Koala Go whiteboard.

Teaching in KoalaGo Playground 🐨 Hidden Slides and Focus Tool

How to use the Focus Tool in KoalaGo playground to maximize your available space by storing slides as small images and panning through them as they are.

What is KoalaGo Playground?

A super interactive teaching platform that allows teachers and students to create their own KoalaGo playground worlds. What better way to motivate and grasp the attention of your students?

Focus Tool w/Playground Board Games

This video helps demonstrate how to use the FOCUS tool inside KoalaGo playground board games! Happy Teaching! 🙂

How to invite a student

This video teaches you how to invite students into Koala Go using your very own Koala Go link! 😄

How to add images

Want to make your classroom fun and exciting? Checkout this video on how to add images to your Koala Go slide!

How to request a feature

Find out how to make a feature request to the Koala Go team using the steps in this tutorial

How to use tools

This video shows you the best ways to use the classroom tools in Koala Go

How to center images

Are you having trouble adjusting your slides to the right sizes? Checkout this video on how to fully align pages in your classroom

How to use the slides viewer

With this tutorial, find out how to easily manoeuvre through the pages in your activities

How to use the camera

Learn the best ways to utilise the camera in your Koala Go classroom

How to upload PDFs & PPTs

Here’s a quick and easy tutorial on how to upload documents in Koala Go

How you can make money selling classes on Koala Go marketplace

Discover an entire world filled with a large variety of teaching and learning activities for your students all across the globe! Watch this tutorial to find out more.

How To Publish An Activity To The Koala Go Marketplace

Learn how to publish your first ever activity to the Koala Go marketplace! Using this step by step tutorial

How to promote your class on Learn with Koala

Here’s a quick and easy tutorial on how to promote your class on Learn with Koala!

Personalized Tabs in Koala Go

Learn to make personalized tabs in the Koala Go co-browser. Keep your lessons organized with personalized tabs.

Intro to Playground: How to Play Bootcamp - Koala Playground Designs

Welcome to Intro to Playground! This is a playground activity that shows the students HOW to use the key features of the playground (walk, jump, climb, drag & drop, build, change avatar) that they need in order to practice playground learning. It also gives them to opportunity to practice these features! At the end, they can celebrate with a certificate and many balloons! Make sure to reward your student with stars and confetti along the way! It also includes helpful whiteboard slides. This activity is great for on-boarding new students. You can use it to show the student and parents how the playground works for learning. You can even use it as a new teacher learning to navigate the space. Find this activity to use in your class on the KoalaGo marketplace! Happy teaching!! 🙂

How to copy an item to another activity!

Here’s a quick way to copy an item to another activity!

How to change server location

The best way to improve stability in your Koala Go classroom!

How to add images to your playground
Learn how to insert images into the playground with this short tutorial
Floating Camera in Co-browser
Learn how to use the floating camera in the co-browser.
How to find marketplace activities for playground, whiteboard, and co-browser
Learn how to find marketplace activities for playground, whiteboard, and co-browser.
How to create a slide for whiteboard or playground
Learn how to create a slide for whiteboard or playground.
Adding BULK Images to KoalaGo Playground
Here is a short tutorial on how to add multiple images to your KoalaGo playgrounds at the SAME TIME! 🙂
Canva for Koala Go Playground Tutorial
Here's how to quickly create clipart and designs in Canva and put them in your Koala Go playground.
How to record a Koala Go class on windows
This video shows how to record (for free) a koala go class on windows!
How to access the Marketplace
Here is a quick way to find and add activities to your Koala Go classroom!
Annotation Layer in Co-browser

Learn how to resize the annotation layer in the co-browser in Koala Go, change tabs and return your annotations.

Building BABBLE: Image Houses

Learn how to create buildings using images inside of the amazing KoalaGo playground.

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Common Questions

Koala Go
Koala 3D

Do I always have the same link to invite my students or does it change?

Yes, you always have the same link. It’s one link you can share with all your students. It does not change.

To get your link, go to Koala Go Classroom > Invite Student > Copy the link

Does my invite link depend on the activity I am in?

No, your link is always the same, regardless of which activity you’re in.

How do I add images to Koala Go?

You can simply drag and drop images into Koala Go classroom.

How to request a new feature for Koala Go?

We love to hear from you about what features can make the product better. Please add your feature request at this page by creating a post. Note that you can also upvote existing feature requests. Posted by other users.

What are the minimum system requirements to support Koala Go?

A stable connection.

Downlink speed: 1Mbps+

Uplink speed: 1 Mbps+

A device with a browser

Are all browsers supported?

Not yet. Today we do not support the Wechat embedded browser and the Samsung Android browser. Here are the browsers that we recommend:

If you're on PC: Please use Chrome, Edge or Brave

On Mac: Chrome, Edge or Brave

On Chromebook: Chrome

On iPad: Safari

My student’s parents don’t speak English. Do you have any parent guides in Chinese that I can send them to help with onboarding?

Yes, one of the tutors, Sarah, from our wonderful Koala Go tutor community made a comprehensive parent guide in Chinese with both Chinese and English subtitles: She even posted the video on BiliBili, the Chinese video website, so that parents can access the videos without restriction:

How does the Koala Go invoicing system work? What are the benefits of invoicing using Koala Go?

Parents from any country can pay in their local currency, using popular local payment methods (such as credit cards in the US or WeChat in China). Tutors get paid through their preferred methods amongs PayPal, Venmo, or Square Cash. That’s how simple it is! Your business will be streamlined and you can focus on growing it. Tutor Caitlin made this wonderful video to explain the benefits and how to have the conversation with the parents. Video link:

Can I send an invoice with Koala Go even if I don't use it for teaching?

Anyone can send an invoice with Koala Go. Whether you use it to teach or not.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with gmail or any email
  3. Click on the avatar in the top right menu
  4. Click on “Send Invoice”
  5. Follow the process and send your invoice

Do I need a Koala Pro package to use invoicing?

No, you can invoice through Koala even if you don’t teach on Koala.

If I already have a Standard Stripe account, do I still need an Express account connected to Koala?

Yes, you still need an Express account, but it’ll take just 3 minutes to set it up 🙂 And you won’t ever have to manage Stripe again!

Which country does my bank need to be in to use an Express Stripe account?

As of Jun 2022, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, and USA.

I don’t have a website. Can I still get a Stripe Express account?

Yes, you can choose to enter a business description instead of a website.

What if I live in a country that is not supported by Stripe?

You can continue to use the existing invoicing system and get paid via PayPal.

Why does it look like my avatar is walking in slow motion in Playground?

This is likely because your hardware acceleration is off in your browser. If you are using Google Chrome, follow these instructions to turn hardware acceleration on

I already have a Stripe account. Can I use this existing one or do I need to create a new one?

Unfortunately, you'll need to create a new Stripe account with us.

Why haven’t I received my payment yet on Stripe?

It can take up to a week for automatic payouts. You can request a payout immediately on your Stripe dashboard.

If I sell an activity on the marketplace, what's the total fee?

Koala takes a 15% fee from Koala Go marketplace sales and Stripe takes a flat fee of $0.30 and 2.9%.

Below is an example for an activity that creator A sells on the marketplace for $24.

The buyer pays $24 with a credit card, then:
Stripe will take 30 cents flat fee + 2.9% of $24 => Stripe fee = $1
Koala will take 15% of $24 which is $3.6
Creator A gets the rest which is 24-3.6-1 = $19.4

Note: If buyer is outside of the US, Stripe takes 3.9% instead of 2.9%