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Getting started

Welcome to Koala!

Ms. Jane, a Barton tutor, will walk you through using Koala and explore what you can expect when you use Koala to teach your students.

12 mins
Welcome to Koala!

Ms. Jane, a Barton tutor, will walk you through using Koala and explore what you can expect when you use Koala to teach your students.

12 mins
What is Koala?

Learn the basics of what Koala is and how to install it!

3 mins
How To Use The Features In Koala! (For People Who Know About Koala)

This video teaches you how to use the various tools and features in Koala, if you do not know what Koala is and would like to learn more about it.

4 mins
A whole new world to see

Now that you mastered moving around in Koala, it's time to learn how to look around. Using your mouse or trackpad, you'll be able to look up, down, or sideways!

2 mins
First steps in Koala

Moving around in Koala is easier than you think. Fred will get you gliding around Koala like a pro in no time. This is the hardest thing to learn. Everything after is pure fun!

2 mins
You have the power

Are you trying to get your students to stop running around? Are they drawing on the whiteboard without your permission? You can take give or take the controls from them.

4 mins
Teach With Koala Q&A

In this video I'll be answering some of your most frequently asked questions, feel free to ask me more questions in the comment section and I might just make another Q&A video!😉

4 mins

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Common Questions

How is Koala free?

Koala is not a place for teachers to pay, it’s a place for teachers to get paid.

Soon teachers will be able to share and monetize their virtual classrooms on Koala.

So start working on your classroom now!

Which version of Koala should I use?

Teachers should use the Mac or Windows app, which will provide functionalities that the web browser version does not have.

Students can use either platforms or the browser version.

Why use Koala over Zoom, Google Classroom, or other apps?

Koala is a more engaging and powerful alternative than Zoom. You can still use Google Classroom, Seesaw, Wordwall, Whizzimo, or whatever web app you prefer in your Koala virtual classroom. Our development process is centered around teachers and students. We work with our teacher community to implement features they need and listen to our students to keep Koala fun!

Are we able to customize our Koala classroom?

Yes, a major advantage of Koala is to allow the teacher to customize their classroom. We are working on creating more useful tools and interactive objects in-game for our users.

Is it possible to use extensions while using the browser in Koala?

Currently, Chrome extensions (i.e. Adblock) are not available in the Koala browser.

Why am I having connectivity issues when my internet speed is good?

There’s a wide variety of reasons why you may be experiencing issues while using Koala. Having a good internet connection is paramount, but the connection may not be reliable (packet drops). Occasionally, if you’re using the school WiFi, you may not be able to start the app as schools need websites to be whitelisted. If that is the case, you should ask your IT department to whitelist the following address:

The video besides the avatar is quite small, is it possible to enlarge it?

You can enlarge the camera by clicking on the focus button of any of the whiteboards or the browser board which looks like this:

Once Focused on a board, you can select your webcam video and enlarge it using the "+" button on your keyboard.

Does Koala currently support Chromebooks and iPads?

Koala supports Chromebooks (including touch screen) for students, but it is recommended to use a mouse. Koala currently does not support iPads.

I hear an echo while using Koala. How do I fix this?

To get the best audio quality, it is recommended everyone in the classroom wear headphones. If anyone isn’t wearing headphones, an echo might be present.

Everyone in the classroom is using headphones and I still hear an echo! What's going on?

Try to plug in the headphones before launching Koala. If you plug it in after launching, the headphones might not work and an echo might still be present.

My browser in Koala is transparent or grey. How do I fix this?

The browser may have crashed. This is a rare occurance, but simply leaving and rejoining the classroom should fix this issue.

What are the minimum system requirements to support Koala?

Koala is supported on PC, Mac or Chromebook (Chromebook for students only).

Here is the minimum system requirements for you and your student:

  • OS: Windows 10+, Mac OS 10.13+, latest ChromeOS
  • RAM: 3GB+
  • CPU: 2GHz+ , 2+ core / Intel Core I3 or better
  • Device: More recent than 2016
  • Headphones + Microphone preferred
  • Downlink speed: 10Mbps+
  • Uplink speed: 1 Mbps+
  • Maximum packet Loss: 5% (you can test that at
  • I work for a school district and the firewall blocks Koala, how can I whitelist it?

    Ask your school IT department to whitelist the following domains:

  • port 5056
  • Do you support Android?

    No, we do not support Android devices. We support Chromebooks (for students only), Mac computers and Windows PC computers.